Driveway Sealing Essex

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Driveway Sealing and Cleaning Essex

Woods Paving uses RESIBLOCK block paving sealers to seal, stabilise and protect domestic paving including patio paving, garden paving (like limestone garden paving slabs and flagstone paving patios), and drive paving especially block paving driveways.

Whether you have just installed a new path, patio or driveway or simply wish to revive your existing paving we use Europe’s leading paving sealers to seal concrete block paving, clay block paving, natural stone, flags and patio slabs.

1000’s of driveways are successfully sealed every year in the UK with Resiblock products. A simplistic application by brush, roller or squeegee ensures the perfect finish every time. These are the steps that we follow:

  • Clean paving thoroughly with a pressure washer, remove all traces of weeds, algae stains, lichen and any other old stain
  • Ensure the entire area is completely dry, clean and free of debris before sealing
  • Only refill the joints with kiln dried sand on the same day as application
  • Check that no sand remains on the surface of the paving
  • Seal using Resiblock