Assuring Quality

Assuring Quality 2017-03-22T09:31:21+00:00

Are other paving companies trading standard approved? Because we are!

Installation & Build Quality

We at Woods paving follow the recommended British standards to install our driveways:

  • Excavation to a minimum Depth 250mm
  • A geotextitle ground stabilizer membrane should be laid
  • 150mm MOT Type 1 sub-base should be laid (not crushed tarmac or other not suitable materials)
  • All the outer edges which are not restrained should be concreted in first (not a bit of concrete around the edge after)
  • 50mm screeded levelled sharp sand
  • 60mm block paving
  • All relevant drainage to comply with planning legislations

We Believe in customer excellence and have pride in our work we install every drive as if it was our own.

This is why at Woods Paving we believe there is only one way to install a drive or patio and that is the correct way. With so many rogue traders and cowboy companies who only care about a quick job, cheap materials and will cut as many corners as possible to achieve a few more pennies at your expense.

When choosing your installer make sure they have all the above accreditations and install to the above British Standard.